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When it comes to Salmon fishcakes I’ve come to love cooking them and of course eating them. Salmon fish cakes aren’t the most difficult meal to make and with the help of Jamie Olivers – 5 ingredients cookbook makes it that much easier to prepare.

With the use of five simple ingredients I’ve put his recipe to the test and explain how I went about cooking some delicious Salmon fish cakes. Please note I’ve swapped out the whole ginger for finily crushed ginger mince as it was a convenient option for me. Hey, sometimes it’s about convenience.

Enough of the introduction and let’s get into cooking some Salmon fishcakes with hints and flavors of Asia.


What you’ll need?

1 Stick Lemon Grass

1.5 tsp Finely Crushed Garlic

4 tsp Chilli Jam

Half Bunch (15g) Fresh Coriander

500g Salmon Fillets, skin off and pin-boned


Step 1 – Finely chop up Coriander and Lemongrass.

Begin by preparing the lemon grass and coriander. Peel the outer layer and finely chop up the lemon grass to be mixed in with the salmon. Take half of the coriander and finely chop up the leaves and stems.


Step 2 – Leave the remaining coriander in a bowl of cold water.

Place the remaining half of the coriander in a bowl full of cold water to be used and served later on. The cold water allows the coriander to become crisp and fresh once it comes time to serve.


Step 3 – Chop up salmon into 1cm pieces.

Onto the Salmon, we’ll begin by chopping the salmon into approximately 1cm pieces.


Step 4 – Finely chop up half of the Salmon into a purée.

Once all the Salmon has been chopped up into 1cm pieces we’ll then take half of the Salmon portion and finely chop to form almost Salmon like purée.


Step 5 – Mix all through with ginger, Coriander, and Lemongrass.

Onto the mixture, combine both chunky bits of salmon and purée Salmon together. Mix in the chopped Lemongrass, coriander and add in 1 and a half teaspoon of crushed garlic mince and season with sea salt and black pepper.

Mix all together on your chopping board and ensure all the ingredients have been thoroughly separated.


Step 6 – Divide into 5 equal patties.

Begin dividing your mixture into 5 equal portions and rolling them into balls with your hand. These will become your fish cakes.


Step 7 – Place a non-stick frying pan on medium-heat.

Place a non-stick frying pan on medium heat ready for the fish cakes to be cooked. Add in 1 tablespoon of olive oil onto the pan and wait until the oil has heated up. Once the pan has heated up, place fish balls onto your pan and press gently down to flatten with a spatula.


Step 8 – Cook approximately 2 minutes on each side or until golden brown.

Cook fish cakes approximately two minutes on each side or until golden brown. Keep an eye on the fish cakes during this process to avoid burning.


Step 9 – Spoon chili jam over fishcakes.

Once flipped and both sides have been cooked just right spoon over the chili jam onto the fish cakes. Splash a hint of water onto the pan and let the chili jam coat over.


Step 10 – Plate and serve.

Create a bed of coriander from step 2 to serve your fishcakes on. With the remaining coriander sprinkle over to garnish and well done! as simple as that you’ve just created some delicious Asian style Salmon fishcakes ready to be enjoyed.


Quick Asian Salmon Fishcakes inspired by Jamie Oliver 5 Ingredients.

This recipe was inspired by Jamie Olivers ‘Quick Asian Fishcakes’ from his 5 Ingredients cookbook. I’ve been really enjoying his type of simple cooking from this book and can’t wait to cook more.

If you guys would like to check out the book yourselves feel free to read my review ‘Jamie Oliver 5 Ingredients Recipes – Book Review‘ or alternative purchase through ‘The Book Depository‘ or ‘Amazon‘.

4 thoughts to “How to make salmon fish cakes? – Flavors of Asia”

  1. I couldn’t stop salivating reading through your website. I am not good in cooking,however, your step by step explanation on how to make salmon fish cakes made it look easy. Your page is not loaded with content but it has enough content to make the visitor understand your story.The images are very cute and appetising. I have nothing negative to highlight and i wouldn’t change anything.

  2. Thanks Vinnie. I am a big salmon lover and I am always trying to find ways of preparing it. This preparation is short, not many ingredients, and sounds like it will be tasty. This reminds me of fish cakes my mom used to make. I am looking at the ingredients and wondering though what do you use to bind the cakes so they don’t fall apart in the frying pan ? 

    1. Hi JJ,

      Thanks for taking the time and leaving some feedback. The Salmon cakes were delicious. Surprisingly i didn’t use anything to bind the fish cakes together. 

      The ingredients listed hold well till you place the balls onto the frying pan. As an additional note, make sure the purée portion of the salmon is finely cut as this will bind the other ingredients.

      Give the recipe a go and let me know how you went here! 

      All the best,


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