How to spool fishing line in 5 easy to follow steps

Bought a new fishing reel or line but don’t where to begin when it comes to spooling fishing line onto your reel? Not to worry, over the weekend I got my hands on a brand new spin fishing rod and reel combo to use for our bait fishing.

Well, I thought why not write a blog post on how I spool my fishing reels if using monofilament fishing line. Follow my step by step process and as always if you have any questions or like to offer feedback on how you do things leave them in the comments down below.


Step 1 – Ensure line is free-flowing and feed through the last guide

Firstly we’ll ensure our new fishing line is free-flowing and coming off with ease. Often the line comes off quite easily but if it doesn’t, a trick is to feed the roll onto the end of a power drill bit and have it spinning off. Once we have that sorted we’ll feed the line through the last guide.


Step 2 – Open up bail arm and secure line onto the fishing reel

Before securing the line onto the fishing reel we’ll have the bail arm in the open position. To secure the line I like to tie two overhand knots and then test for any slippage. Ensure the line is secured well and the knot is close to the reel body as possible.


Step 3 – Clean up the secured knot and close bail arm

Once the line has been secured on we’ll then clean up the tag end by cutting it off neatly. Next, close the bail arm and we’re ready for the next step.


Step 4 – Pinch line and begin reeling

Begin by pinching the line approximately 30cm above the fishing reel to create tension onto the line. Start slowly reeling in the new line onto your fishing reel. Routinely check if the line is freely coming off and keeping the tension onto the reel to ensure the line is being firmly reeled on.


Step 5 – Do not overfill fishing line onto the reel

As we’re reeling in the new line ensure we don’t overfill the reel. Stop short approximately 3-5mm from the reel lip. If you do overfill the reel this can cause trouble as the line can come off easily over the lip and create a mess.

Once we’ve finished reeling on the line we’ll feed the end of the line onto the fishing reel clip and cut it off. As easy as that you’re now ready to use your new fishing line.

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