Sun protective clothing for fishing – What to wear?

Fishing for most of us is a fun and exciting hobby to take up during the warmer months of the year. Often this means spending the day out under the summer rays and catching a tan while hopefully catching some fish.

This also, unfortunately, results in sunburns if we aren’t prepared well enough. But there is a few particular important fishing attire we can wear to protect ourselves from the sun while we’re out and about fishing.


Essentials to wear while fishing in the sun

If preparing to fish for long hours in the sun ensure you equip yourself with the essentials. Often overlooked but the basics will prevent you from getting burned, dehydrated, or causing any substantial damage leading to sun cancer.

This issue at times can be taken light-hearted but it’s definitely worth the consideration and the investment you make on yourself.



A ton of various headwear is available on the market that prevents burns to your face, neck, and head. From wide breamed, bucket and legionnaire hats are all great. These hats provide all-round protection.

Baseball caps look good, however, won’t protect the back of the neck. But in all honesty, a Baseball cap is better than not protecting yourself at all.


Polarised Sunglasses

While fishing in the sun, get your hands on polarised sunglasses these protect your eyes from harsh rays and of course helps you see in bright conditions. Polarised sunglasses are especially great for fishing as they reduce the glare from the water.


Neck Gaiter/scarfs

Neck gaiters and scarves in the past haven’t been as common but now play a pivotal role in protecting your neck and face. Also comes in very handy on cold, rainy and windy weather conditions.

Various colours, sizes, and types are available online and at times at your local tackle shops.



Of course, something as basic as a T-shirt or long sleeve shirt is great for protecting your upper body from the sun. Breathable active wear t-shirts are great when it comes to keeping cool also.



A no brainer here but long pants and shorts are as basic as you can get and something with a lot of pockets will help contain your essentials. Board shorts and cargo shorts are both great for fishing but depending on the situation one will be favored over the other.

Cargo shorts will hold a lot of essentials while board shorts are ideal for fishing from surf beaches as often this means getting wet.



Not as essential when it comes to protecting yourself from the sun but appropriate footwear should be worn especially on fishing trips. Often you’ll find your self fishing on rock walls, banks, and in particular piers which at times have used hooks laying around.

Trust me, if you’re walking on the pier in thongs and get pricked by a rusty old hook you’ll want to get a tetanus shot as soon as possible.


Taking care of your health while fishing in hot conditions

Fishing during the summer months can be very enjoyable but remember to always stay hydrated and keep applying sunscreen to protect yourself from those harsh rays.

Something as simple as sun protective clothing such as hats, polarised sunglasses, and neck scarfs can go a long way. As simple as this topic may be, often it does get over-looked but should be taking into consideration to prevent sun damage, sunburns and potentially sun cancer.

4 thoughts to “Sun protective clothing for fishing – What to wear?”

  1. I remembered when i visited a friend in Philippine few years ago, and we decided to go fishing; I had the worst sun burn ever in my life. So, the importance of sun protective clothing for fishing can not be overemphasized, else it can take the fun out of this beautiful hobby called fishing. Thanks for listing a complete essentials to wear while fishing in the sun.

  2. I was looking at some protective clothing against the sun this weekend as I intend to spend 6 hours fishing and the sun is promised to be at its hottest – god help me as I have fair skin which tends to burn very easily. I would have never thought about getting the polarised sunglasses to protect my eyes so thanks a million for this extra tip

    1. Hi David,

      I’m glad my post has given you some ideas regarding the essentials to protect your skin against the sun.



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