How to catch saltwater bait fish?

Live baiting is one of the many popular ways of fishing for bigger predatory fish offshore as well as inshore. Using live baits can also be super effective as this tempts most predator fish. Especially when it comes to game fishing.

Catching a bucket filled with saltwater bait fish early hours in the morning can make for a productive day. But catching and keeping them alive is what we’ll be focusing on today.


What type of saltwater bait fish can you catch?

Depending on your location various saltwater baitfish can be caught and used to target bigger predatory fish such as Snapper, Australian Salmon, Flathead, and Kingfish.

Some of the most common types and worthwhile saltwater bait fish to catch includes Pilchard, Whitebait, Garfish, Tommy rough, and Mullet. All these make great live baits and are often haunted by predatory fish.

Live baits such as the following can be easily caught with the aid of a spin fishing rod/reel combo and a Sabiki rig.


How to use a Sabiki Rig?

One of the most productive ways to catch saltwater bait fish is by using a Sabiki rig. These rigs are specifically designed with a string of small hooks with feathers and beads attached to attract bait fish. Sabiki rigs can be bought ready-made both online and in local tackle stores.

Once you take your sabiki rig out from its packaging. All you’ll need is a lightly weighted sinker attached to the bottom and the top will get attached to your leader line.

Once your rig is set-up you can opt to use small pieces of squid hooked onto the point of the hook to make the rig more enticing. Cast the rig into the water and move the rig gently up and down the water column to entice the bait fish.

At times you’ll have all the hooks set with bait fish and other times you’ll catch them one at a time. But work the rig until you have enough bait fish for a fishing session.


How to keep live bait fresh?

Once you’ve caught your live bait its best to keep them in a bucket filled with seawater. A medium-size 10-liter bucket will do the job. Also, get your hands on a portable aerator as this allows for enough oxygen in the water.

Both items can be bought cheaply online and in various tackle stores. Don’t overlook these items as these are the basics to keeping live bait fresh and well… alive for longer.

A small net to handle the live bait will also come in handy when trying to scoop these guys up and to use. Option to purchase fish hobby nets as they come with a fine mesh and prevents the live bait from descaling.



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