How to store fishing tackle?

Fishing tackle can at times get quite expensive and the cost can build up the more you get into the hobby. To be honest, I think all anglers have been guilty of purchasing one too many.

But let’s face it we need them all! When targeting various fish we require a different setup, hook and various lures. These all can build up and before we know it, we’re well and truly in deep into the sport.

But where do we store everything and keep everything organised? A well-organised tackle box will do the trick.


Should you get a tackle box?

I think this should be a no brainer. Once you start building your fishing tackle collection, its always good to keep everything organised and stored away properly for ease of access. As well as protecting the tackle and ensuring the tackle will give you the most bang for your buck over the long haul.

Various tackle boxes are available in the market at affordable prices. Most tackle boxes can be bought from online stores such as ‘Amazon’ or even ‘Tackle Direct’ have a few good ones.

Just make sure to get a big enough tackle box as often our collection grows and we seem to require an upgrade once in a while.


How to Maintain your fishing tackle for the long run?

To ensure we get the most out of our fishing tackle I often suggest maintenance is the best decision you can make. After a fishing session, I always wash my used tackle. This is best done by keeping an empty jar in your tackle box and store any used tackle after a fishing session.

This makes it a lot easier to clean and know what tackle requires cleaning. Especially if you’re marine fishing. As tackle start to corrode and rust due to the saltwater. After a fishing session, rinse all used tackle in a soap solution and thoroughly clean with fresh water.

Once you’ve cleaned your tackle wipe away all access water and leave it to air dry. Once completely dried it’s best to cover the tackle with fishing tackle guard protectant as the example below. These are great for driving away any moisture and leaving a coat to protect from corrosion.


To sum up…

Buying fishing tackle over the long run can get quite expensive. The best decision you can make is by storing it properly in a good tackle box and maintaining your equipment well.

Always clean fishing tackle after each use and use a tackle protectant to help combat against corrosion over time.

Store away your tackle box in a dry place preventing any moisture getting to it. I often keep my fishing gear organised in my outdoor shed ready to go next time.


My stored fishing gear ready to go!

7 thoughts to “How to store fishing tackle?”

  1. Nobody wants to get their tackle tangled do they. Well I think the tackle box is a really important aspect of any angler. This is where the real shortage goes into. The whole empty jar is new to me. I want to buy a tackle box for a friend though. I will head on to Amazon as you have recommended. Thank you so much for the info.

    1. Hi Henderson,

      Keeping a empty jar handy is a great way to keep your used tackle seperate until you get a chance to clean them. 

      Amazon do have relatively cheap tackle boxes and have a lot of different varieties. But if you don’t want to shop online, your local tackle shop should store them also.

      All the best!


  2. It is funny you brought that up that fishing can get expensive. I always look at my husband when he buys all his fishing gears and lures. They seem to be cheap but all those cheap stuff adds up, it is like you shop at the dollar store all over again.

    I am all about organization. If you put all your tackles in the box, you get to visually get to see what you have and you and everything will be all in one place. Not only that you will not buy the same thing again but it is easy for me to get the tackle that you want. Cleaning them is also important. I will share your post with my husband, he needs to learn a thing or two from you 🙂

    1. Hi Nuttanee,

      Thanks for taking the time and leaving a comment. Would love for you to share this post with your husband!

      A lot of cheap tackle bought over time can get expensive if you add them all up 🙁



    2. Great post.. love the jar idea.

      I ‘run’ two tackle boxes. A big one with all my gear that lives in the garage and a smaller one I take fishing. That way I can travel light when I fish as well as not exposing all of my tackle to the elements every time.

  3. You can’t go wrong with a good tackle box. I agree that an angler can sometimes overdue it when it comes to buying lures, but I also agree that if they are quality lures then there is a time and place for implementing them. As such, they can be considered a good investment (assuming they don’t get lost in a tree or underwater structure). I think your recommendation to keep an empty jar handy in order to distinguish and rinse used lures is outstanding. Saltwater especially can be corrosive, so this is really sound advice. Your storage area is top-notch, well done and I’m looking forward to reading more!

    1. Hi Pentrental,

      Thanks for taking the time and leaving some feedback. Always appreciate the comments 🙂

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