How to cast a fishing rod in 5 steps

When it comes to casting a fishing rod most beginners overthink the process. But honestly, I think casting a fishing rod can be done in a simple five-step process.

If done correctly and repetitively over time casting we’ll become second nature. This process we’ll help lay down the foundation before using advanced techniques required for lure fishing.

These steps also instruct on the use of a spinning rod and reel which is the most common throughout the fishing world.


Step 1 – Setting up to cast

Before casting we’ll set our selves up by having a secure grip onto the rod. We’ll then hook the line with our pointer finger to form a trigger and unlatch the bail arm.


Step 2 – Check your surroundings

Before casting face the direction you want to cast towards. While holding onto the line check your surroundings for any anglers or objects that can get in the way.


Step 3 – The cast

Once everything and everyone is clear and you have enough space. We’ll then position the rod just past a 90-degree angle from your body. From this point, we’ll swing the rod towards the direction you want to cast towards and let go of the line from your pointer finger.


Step 4 – Tighten your line

Once the rig has dropped into the water and sunk to the bottom. We’ll then fold down the bail arm and tighten the line until you feel the tension. Keep your line tight and feel for any bites.


Step 5 – Setting the hook

Once you start getting bites to strike the rod swiftly lift the rod up and hook the fish. Once the fish has been hooked, reel in the fish at a steady pace and keep the line tight to avoid de-hooking the fish.

Well done, as simple as that you’ve made your first cast and hopefully landed a fish.

6 thoughts to “How to cast a fishing rod in 5 steps”

  1. Casting a fishing rod cannot be more simpler than it has been made through this post. I had an interest in fishing awhile ago but I didn’t have the basic knowledge. Getting to know the casting process of fishing is actually great to know of. I will definitely try this out! Thanks for this post

    1. Hi RoDarrick,

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving some feedback and hope you finally do give fishing a go! It’s well worth and quite easy to do once you get the hang of things. 

      All the best,


  2. We just made a big fun of my younger sister. She’s looking to go fishing and she wants to know how to cast a fishing rod. I was told to teach her how to, something I don’t know how to do either. Thank you for the info and the pictures added too. Didn’t know it wasn’t so hard to cast a rod and get some fishes rolling in. Well, I guess I have automatically become a teacher too.

    1. Hi Henderson,

      Thanks for leaving a comment and that’s absolutely awesome to hear! I’m glad i can share my knowledge and now you can too! 



  3. Great guide & Simple to follow! I am brand new to fishing glad to have found this. Had my first attempt at fishing with my friends just last week and I had no clue on how to set up and prepare for fishing, the setting up of the cast was an issue for me. 


    1. Hi Dexter,

      Once you get used to a couple casts you’ll get the hang of it. All the best with your fishing 🙂

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