When is the fishing season? The best time of the year to start fishing

When it comes to fishing season it all depends on what time of the year we’re in. Different species of fish thrive in different weather conditions.

Cooler climates during winter produce Australian Salmon on the surf as well as Bream in the estuaries. Whilst during warmer summer months we’ll often find an abundance of whiting in bays and reefs.

But in this post today we’re going to talk about when is the best time to start fishing for any beginner hobbyist.


Best time of the year for any beginner

Fishing can be a very fun yet relaxing hobby to take up for any first-timer. During warmer summer nights there is nothing like getting out to your local pier and throwing a line in to see what’s out there.

In my opinion, for any first-timer thinking about fishing. I suggest the best time of the year to start fishing and learning the basics is during warmer summer months. Specifically late afternoons or early mornings leading up to high tide.

Fishing during the summer months can be very rewarding. Often my family and I make this a day out with a BBQ and Picnic.


What to expect for your first time?

For any first-timer, if you plan ahead before your fishing trip you can really make the most of it and increase your chances. Also, being opportunists helps.

Preparation for any fishing trip, in my opinion, is key. Whether your an expert angler or a first timer. Getting the basics right will ensure a fun day out and bring something home for the dinner table.

In preparation for your trip consider these few factors:

  • Equipment – Prior to your trip, have the essentials prepared. Get yourself set-up with the right rod and reel combo with the right fishing line spooled. Decide on the hooks you will be using and storage.
  • Bait – Consider the bait you’re using and have it prepared and stored in either an esky or bucket. If your using lures have them stored in a tackle box.
  • Tide Conditions – knowing the tide conditions and fishing during the right time can drastically increase your chances. Generally, either one or two hours either side of high tide works well.
  • Weather – Always check the forecast for the day as you don’t want to be caught out if it begins to rain.
  • Location – Consider the location your fishing in and research. See what is being caught in those waters. This will give you a basic idea as to what type of bait, lure, rod and reel to use, etc.
  • Time of day – I often suggest the best time to go fishing is when fish are actively hunting and feeding their prey. This is often either at dawn or dusk.
  • First Aid Kit – In case of emergencies always carry a first aid kit around. As you never know when accidents could happen.

These are just a few key fundamentals to get right. But if you get these factors right in your preparation you will be well on your way to succeeding in your first fishing trip.

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