Fishing tackle for beginners 101

When it comes to fishing we all have to start from somewhere. At the beginning for me especially, I didn’t quite know what basic fishing tackle I needed that could catch a fish. The only way I learnt was to copy what my dad or brother was using and learn from them.

So I thought, for those who don’t have anyone to learn from. I wanted to take the time and write a blog post on the absolute basic fishing tackle required to catch a fish.

Honestly, any fish can be targeted with this beginners list. Also, all the tackle mentioned below can be bought at your local tackle shop or online.


The absolute basic fishing tackle required from the beginning

In writing this blog post I’m assuming where going to be starting with nothing except a rod/reel and line already spooled onto the reel. We’ll also specifically focus on bait fishing. So, what type of tackle do we need to get started.

While for a start we’ll need hooks, swivels, floats and sinkers. Four basic fishing equipment required to set-up the three foundational fishing rigs below.

Hooks, swivels, floats and sinkers all come in a variety of sizes and types but I’ve selected a few to get you started in filling out your tackle box.



Circle Hooks (Select 3 various sizes to begin with from small, medium, and large)

Long Shank Hooks (Select 3 various sizes to begin with from small, medium, and large)

Baitholder Hooks (Select 3 various sizes to begin with from small, medium, and large)



Barrel Swivel

Barrel 3 Way Cross Swivel

Barrel Interlock Swivel



Bobber Float

Pencil or Quill Float



Ball Sinker (Select 3 various sizes to begin with small, medium and large)

Snapper Sinker (Select 3 various sizes to begin with small, medium and large)

Star Sinker (Select 3 various sizes to begin with small, medium and large)


Once a foundation has been built

Once you’ve built up the confidence in your fishing and learnt the foundation of setting up your rigs. We can then dive a little deeper into using various fishing tackle including Surf poppers, lures, jigs and various other tackle. But in the meantime the following checklist above will take you a long way in both saltwater and freshwater fishing.

6 thoughts to “Fishing tackle for beginners 101”

  1. Wow, thank you for the informative post. 

    I’ve been pestering my husband to take me fishing and haven’t managed to get a date set yet. I’d love to learn how to fish and am what you’d call a total beginner. No background whatsoever.

    I feel like I’ll really need to study this post so I’m bookmarking it and sending it over to him too. Fingers crossed that I take to the whole technical aspect and not embarrass myself. ha ha

    1. Hi Jade,

      Thanks for taking the time and leaving a comment. Hopefully your husband does take you fishing. Don’t worry about feeling embrassed when it comes to the technical side of things that’s what my website is here for! 🙂



  2. Hi

    As a total beginner in fishing I found your article to be very interesting and insightful. It contained all the information that I would need to be able to go fishing, in selecting the right hook, line length and all other information that is required to be a successful fisherman. How do you determine the line length if a novice may not know how deep the river, canal or sea is?

    The selection of bait and it’s matching to the fish in question has always confused me, as I suspect that answer will depend on the country you live in and to what local water body you fish in. The basics will cover anybody who is starting and I look forward to your more advanced articles.



    1. Hi Antonio,

      I primary focus on land-based fishing and generally 150m worth of fishing line will be sure to reach the bottom. Like you said there’s a number of different factors that come into play when your fishing. This includes the intended fish you’re targeting, fishing equipment, time and of course bait or even lures.

      I’ve covered a majority of these topics here on my blog. Feel free to look around or search on the search bar. Thanks for taking the time and leaving a comment 🙂



  3. Hi. It’s been such a very long time since I actually went fishing it’s hard for me to remember it. One things for sure, after reading your article I realize just how little I have in the way of tackle etc. I received a call from my brother last week, who lives around 1500 klms away from me, he rang to tell me he was coming up my way for a few weeks and that he’d love to go fishing with me. He had seen some excellent spots to go fishing when checking our area online. I didn’t even know about them. Anyway, I was struggling to know exactly what tackle I’d need for his visit. Thank you so much for the list you have constructed here. At least it will give me something to start with and I want look completely stupid when he arrives. I look forward to your future blogs,. Thanks Jim

    1. Hi Jim,

      I’m glad my blog could give you some ideas for when your brother comes down for a visit. All the best with your fishing 🙂



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