How to clean Prawns in 3 easy steps

Cooking and eating freshly caught prawns in spicy garlic butter is one of the best eats I love and enjoy. But most people are put off from using fresh prawns as they simply don’t know how to clean them.

To be honest, it’s one of the most simple kinds of seafood to clean and can be done in a three-step process. I explain how below.


1 – Remove the head from the body of the prawn

Firstly what we’re going to to do is remove the head from the body of the prawn. This is done with a firm pull of the head and it’s quite easily removed. Once the head is removed we’ll clean away any access guts of the prawn.


2 – Remove the legs and shell

Next, we’ll remove the legs and shell of the prawn but leaving the tail behind. The tail is where the shell is the hardest and this can remain while cooking. You’ll notice the legs and shell are quite soft and easily removed.


3 – Carefully devein the prawns and remove the intestinal tract

Along the spine of the prawns is where the intestinal tract sits. This is best removed by running a sharp knife along the spine and splitting open. Carefully remove the intestinal tract and run entire prawn under fresh cold water to clean away any access.


4 – Ready to be prepared and enjoyed

Simple as that your prawns are ready to be prepared and cooked how you please.

4 thoughts to “How to clean Prawns in 3 easy steps”

  1. I love freshly made prawns but I don’t know how to make them. I go to a local joint to have them on a regular and I feel I should learn. As I thought,  its not so hard. These steps are things I can easily go through to enjoy my nice meal. I will bookmark this post so I can follow these steps and then enjoy when I next go buy my favourite prawns. Thank you so much for the help.

    1. Hi Henderson,

      Thanks for leaving a comment and yes of course cleaning prawns isn’t that hard after all! All the best with your cooking and feel free to share them here 🙂

  2. Unimaginably easy is the way to cleaning the prawns. Though I have eaten prawns on quite a few occasions but I never knew the process of cleaning and preparing could be this easy. Wow! This is really nice to know about. Thanks so much for sharing this out.thumbs up! It is  helpful

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