Thai Influenced crispy red snapper

Pan-fried crispy red snapper recipe – Thai influenced

Today I’m going to show you guys how to make pan-fried crispy red snapper. We’ve kept it super simple with only 5 main ingredients and a total cooking time of approximately 20 mins.

The recipe below only serves 1 person but if you wish to serve more, simply double the ingredients accordingly. Our version of the recipe has been inspired by Jamie Olivers ‘Thai style crispy sea bass’. Though I’ve chopped and changed a few things to how I want the recipe. On that note, let’s get into it.


What you’ll need

Fresh Whole Snapper – 1

Spring Onions – 2

Coriander – 1/2 bunch (15g)

Thai Red Curry Paste – 2 Tbsp Heaped

Lime – 1/2



Step 1 – Gut, clean, and trim the Snapper

Firstly, we’ll begin by gutting, cleaning and trimming the Snapper and using it as a whole. If you don’t know how to gut and clean, follow our step by step guide ‘here’.


Step 2 – Prepare spring onions and coriander

Chop up spring onions and pick off the coriander leaves and prepare them on the side for later use. Keep stems of the coriander as we’ll be using this to stuff the Snapper.


Step 3 – Score the Snapper

Once we have our spring onions and coriander prepared we’ll score our Snapper with a sharp knife approximately 2cm apart on both sides. This will ensure the Snapper cooks quickly and the Snapper soaks up all the flavor into the meat.


Step 4 – Rub Thai red curry paste onto the snapper

Next, we’ll use two heaped tablespoons of Thai red curry paste to cover the entire Snapper. Ensure to cover both sides as well as the inside of the body. Rub red curry paste until all nooks and crannies have been covered.


Step 5 – Fill and cover snapper with coriander and season with sea salt/black pepper

Using the picked of coriander on the side we’ll begin by covering the Snapper thoroughly on both sides. With the use of the coriander stems, we’ll stuff the inside of the Snapper. Before placing the Snapper onto the Pan season both sides with sea salt and black pepper.


Step 6 – Pan fry on medium heat until dark golden on both sides

Fire up the frying pan on medium heat with 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Once the pan has been heated up we’ll place the snapper onto the pan and cover with our chopped up spring onions. Cook Snapper approximately 4-5 minutes on both sides or until golden dark brown.


Step 7 – Serve with a halve squeezed lime

Once the Snapper has been cooked we’ll serve with a freshly squeezed lime and it’s ready to be enjoyed.


Thai crispy Snapper influenced by Jamie Oliver

My Thai crispy red snapper was originally inspired by Jamie Olivers ‘Thai -Style crispy seas bass’ recipe from his 5 ingredients cookbook. I substituted the Sea Bass with my freshly caught Snapper and chopped and changed a few things to my liking.

However, Jamie Olivers ‘5 Ingredients‘ cookbook has been a life changer when it comes to simple and short meals prepared with minimal ingredients.

If you guys like to purchase his book feel free to do so from any of these major online book stores below.

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6 thoughts to “Pan-fried crispy red snapper recipe – Thai influenced”

  1. Wow, easy to cook and in no time. The pan fried crispy red snapper looks like a must cook for me personally. I like the idea there. Thank you for given this detailed information on how to get it cooking. I think that I too should try it out. Thank you for dishing this information. Maybe I can get that book too since you’re recommending it

    1. Hi John,

      If you’re looking for a flavourful meal than this is a great recipe. Though the only thing that takes the most time is cleaning the Snapper. However, you can get the Snapper gutted and cleaned quite easily when you buy it.

      Also, Jamie Olivers – 5 Ingredients cookbook has been a great addition to my kitchen pantry. I would recommend his book for sure.

  2. Yummie, couldn’t have found this recipe at a better time. My wife and I are wanting to reduce the amount of red meat in your daily diet and looking for tasty protein dishes to replace it. We happen to enjoy the flavour of curry so really looking forward to giving your Red Snapper recipe a go. 

    1. Hi Myles,

      Absolutely give this recipe a go! as I’ve learnt it from Jamie Olivers – 5 Ingredients cookbook but varied a little to my liking. 

  3. Oh Vinnie, this fish looks yummy. I’m sure it will taste yummy as well. This red snapper fish was the fish we used to call ‘lady fish’ when I was much younger. I noticed you used some lime, coriander, red curry paste and some spring onions. Did you use any other spices? Salt? How did you fry the fish? Shallow or deep fried? I would really like to try this out. 

    1. Hi Juliet,

      Thanks for taking the time and leaving a comment. Honestly, I didn’t know Red Snapper was referred to as a ‘lady fish’. Not sure how that would come about?

      Absolutely recommend trying this recipe out! Besides the coriander, red curry paste and spring onions I also used sea salt and black pepper and shallow fried the Snapper in approximately 1 TBSP of oil on a non-stick frying pan.

      Good luck!


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