Jamie Oliver 5 ingredients recipes – Book Review

The Book: 5 Ingredients – Quick & Easy Food by Jamie Oliver

My Rating: 4.7/5

Synopsis: As the name of the book suggests, with the use of only 5 key ingredients, Jamie Oliver helps you whip up a quick meal for the family. Short and simple recipes that are easy to follow and prepare from scratch. The majority, if not all recipes take less than 30 minutes to prepare and cook.

“I want everyone to enjoy cooking from scratch and, armed with this book, there are no excuses. I’ve made it as simple as possible to cook amazing food, celebrating the joy of five ingredients, any day of the week, whatever the occasion – everything from a quick weeknight supper to a weekend feast with friends.”

Jamie Oliver – 5 Ingredients Quick & Easy Food

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Who is it for?

In my opinion, this book is great for anybody looking to make a good meal from scratch with limited time and ingredients. From guys like me learning how to cook. To the everyday mums and dads looking for a simple but quality meal for the family.

The term ‘Cooking from scratch’ often had intimidated me. But the simplicity in the recipes makes it easy to follow and doesn’t overwhelm with endless amounts of instructions.


What can you expect?

Expect a simple cookbook categorized into main dishes including – Salads, pasta, chicken, fish, and lamb to name a few. Jamie has done well with only having one page worth of instructions while the other is the appetizing end result. For example, see below his ‘Thai-Style Crispy Sea Bass‘ recipe.

Also, a great addition to each of his recipes, Jamie has included a nutritional table. Which makes it that much easier to see what we’re putting into our body.

Jamie Oliver does recommend 5 key ingredients for each recipe. However, supplemental ingredients will need to be added. He thoroughly covers this at the beginning of the book by recommending a few must-have items in the pantry.



My take on the recipes

To be honest, when it comes to cooking I like to keep things simple and look for what’s convenient. I’ve really been getting into my cooking and especially after a few seasons of ‘Master Chef’. I’ve been trying to make a lot of my meals from scratch and looking at ways to make them more flavourful.

My first attempt at one of the 5 Ingredients recipes was Jamie Olivers – Thai-Style Crispy Sea Bass. However, I substituted the Sea Bass with my freshly caught Snapper and it turned out really well. I’ve written my take on his recipe ‘here‘.



My thoughts overall

Overall, I really enjoyed Jamie Olivers – 5 Ingredients cookbook and would recommend it to you guys. From an amateur’s perspective when it comes to cooking this book made it simple and didn’t overwhelm with endless amounts of instructions.

5 Ingredients‘ has definitely found a home in our kitchen pantry whenever we require the convenience of cooking a good quality meal.

6 thoughts to “Jamie Oliver 5 ingredients recipes – Book Review”

  1. I for sure need this book because I am always busy or I just don’t feel like taking hours to cook a meal. How much was the cook book? I like the simplicity of this cook book, I have glanced at many cook books and it was crammed full with so much information.

  2. Thanks for this informative review, I think this book is simply stunning and genius in its simplicity. I took great joy from taking it in visually before even trying a recipe. It’s really a nice work of art and I appreciate the time and effort that went into creating it. I have since enjoyed all of the recipes we’ve tried so far and I’m looking forward to cooking my way through it.

    1. Hi SeunJeremiah,

      I loved the images as well. I liked how Jamie Oliver would have a palette of the five main ingredients next to the instructions and then on the following page have the appetising main result. All the best with the remaining recipes and for sure keep me posted!



  3. Oh, I saw this in a previous post I read but didn’t take it so seriously. I am really happy about this because just like you, I always look for easy ways to make my food quick and easy. This five ingredients book is a perfect go to for me honestly. I can easily make good food for myself without much stress. I’m happy because I’m just learning about cooking and it’s always good to find easy steps. Thank you for this recommendation.

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for taking the time and leaving a comment. ‘5 Ingredients’ is definitely a book that helped me cook some flavourful meals that we’ve enjoyed. One thing I really liked about the book that it wasn’t overwhelming with information and instructions.

      Straight forward and simple that anyone can enjoy making 🙂

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