Halco Twisty Metal Lure Review

The lure: Halco Twisty Metal Lure

Available Weights: Commonly 70g, 55g, 40g, and 5g

Available Colours: Original Chrome and Gold

My Rating: 5/5

Type of fishing: Halco Twisty is such a versatile lure that casts an absolute mile when it comes to surf fishing and imitating baitfish while on the retrieval. Being a versatile lure the Halco twisty can also be used for freshwater fishing in rivers, dams, and lakes.

Target Species: Great for saltwater predatory fish that feed on baitfish including Tuna, Bonito, Australian Salmon, and Tailor. If opting to use in freshwater rivers a worthwhile lure when it comes to targeting Trout.

Where to buy: Check and compare prices online from leading online retailers below:


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We gave the Halco Twisty lure a go and came out trumps

During the peak of the winter season, we took a trip down to Gunnamatta Ocean Beach for some surf fishing action in hopes of landing a few Australian Salmon.

For surf fishing, I like to be versatile and carry as minimal as possible to work the beach back and forth while casting metal lures. As reported in my earlier fishing reports (‘Chasing down Australian Salmon at Gunnamatta ocean beach‘) while we were down there, we used Chrome Halco Twisty metal lures in both 70g and 55g weights.

I absolutely loved these lures! we were able to cast well past the break of the surf onto deeper water. Where the Salmon were occupying and work the lure with various retrieves. I found working these lures relatively fast the Australian Salmon would come up and smash them.

The curved design allows it to have an enticing swimming pattern and create plenty of splashing action on the surface of the water.

Fishing during clear daylight conditions Halco twisty throws off plenty of reflection in the water due to its coated body and holographic film. Once the Salmon was hooked we found it very easy to handle. As we picked it by the lure itself before using lip grips.

Tough long-lasting exterior, there isn’t much not to love about this lure. In my opinion, a must-have lure when it comes to surf spinning and worth well fishing off rock walls.


2 thoughts to “Halco Twisty Metal Lure Review”

  1. I’m not an absolute beginner when it comes to fishing, but I’m not far off, it’s been a long time since I went fishing, it was using a ledger in a river, I caught four fish, and I’ve never been sea fishing so I am an absolute beginner regarding sea fishing, however, I’m getting older and I would like a relaxing hobby, so I have been thinking about sorting my old fishing tackle out and try it again, I have never used a spinner, and I must admit the halco twisty lure looks great, I have bookmarked your website and I will keep coming back for tips and advice, thank you for sharing.  

    1. Hi Russ,

      I’m glad i can help as much as possible with my tips and advice. Thank you for taking the time and reading my post and leaving feedback. All the best with your fishing and I hope you land a few big ones! 


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