ZMAN Soft Plastic lure review

The Lure: ZMAN Soft Plastic lures

Available size and range: ZMAN soft plastics come in an endless amount of shapes and sizes from lifelike crustaceans, baitfish, and topwater lures in shapes of frogs.

Depending on the lure they can range from 2.5 inches right up to 10-inch lures for deep water fishing.

My rating: 5/5 There isn’t much to not like about the ZMAN soft plastic lures as the range is endless to choose from and are very durable. It provides plenty of action in the water and can be worked really well with a range of jig heads.

Type of fishing: Soft plastic lures are to be used for lure fishing and I tend to use a very lightly weighted spinning rod and reel setup. Spooled up with braid mainline for that much need sensitivity and fluorocarbon leader approximately a rod or two-rod lengths.

Target Species: Soft plastic lures can be used to target a variety of different species. I tend to use these lures mainly for saltwater fishing and they do very well when it comes to targeting Snapper, Flathead, and Bream.

Where to buy: ZMAN soft plastic lures can be picked up both online or in local stores including BCF and Anaconda. For online shoppers check out the giant retailers and compare prices to get the best deals.

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What’s in my tackle box?

I often keep a variety of ZMAN lures on hand whenever I’m out on the water. I like to have the option of choosing from a range of jerk baits similar to the Zman Slim Swimz and work the varies water columns.

While other times if I intend to target Flathead along the seabed I would opt for the Zman Grubz, Crusteaz, or Shrimpz. Some of my go-to lures I have been using and getting great results while saltwater fishing include:

  • Zman Minnowz
  • Zman Slim Swimz
  • Zman Trick Swimz
  • Zman Grubz
  • Zman Scented Shrimpz
  • Zman Crusteaz

These are a few good ones I started with and from this list, a wide variety of fish can be targeted. When it comes to selecting the right colour or size I often always go for ones which present as natural bait.

Anything from white to blue colurs similar to baitfish and size ranging from 2 inches right up to 3.5 inches I tend to stick with. Similar to soft plastics presented as crustaceans or sandworms/grubs stick with natural colours.


How important is it to use the right Jighead?

Depending on the size of the lure a range of different size jigheads can be used. Generally, for lures 2 inches to 2.5 inches, I would use a size 1/0 hook and for anything between 3 inches to 3.5 inches, a size 2/0 hook works well.

As for the weight, this will depend on the condition of the water on the day. But as a rule, try to keep the weight as light as possible you can get away with.


Fish attractant scents, My thoughts?

Fish attractant scents, in my opinion, are definitely worth the try as often these scents are designed to excite fish and provoke a strike. I don’t know how researched some of these fish attractants are on the market.

However, I’ve used ‘Pro-cure bait scents‘ and have found the fish to strike the lure a few more times aggressively. These gel scents will stay on the lure for a while and you’ll find them to be quite waterproof like. Though, if choosing to use scents reapply every few often and after every catch.

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  1. Hi,

    This is a well structured and very informative post. I’ve personally never been fishing but my husband and my father enjoy it! I will keep this post and share it with them because i think that they will appreciate the product you are describing and the education this article provides.

    Thanks for sharing your fishing expertise with those of us who are looking to start a new hobby 🙂


    1. Hey Nadia,

      That’s not a problem at all and thank you for taking the time and leaving a comment and supporting my blog.

      All the best Vinnie 🙂

  2. Thank you for the guide on where we can buy ZMAN Soft Plastic Lure. I assume they come in different sizes, so we can catch fishes of all sizes too. Why is the hook placed in the middle of the bait? I ask this because sometimes I wonder what if the fish didn’t swallow the whole bait or the whole lure and just the tail of the lure? That might instead of catching the fish it can frighten the whole group of fishes as they learn it’s fake.

    1. Hey Gomer,

      It’s actually the best way to hook soft plastic lures as it allows the lure to swim and jerk as its specifically designed. Also, the benefit of having the hook sticking out as much as i do makes it that much easier for the fish to be hooked when it strikes. Remember when a fish is hunting and sees prey it’s going to want to take it in one hit. If you ever decide to use ZMAN soft plastic lures be sure to let me know how you go 🙂

  3. I was planning a fishing trip with my family, thank you for the great information! I need some good plastic lures, these ZMAN ones will surely do the job. I like that you have given us your insights on what’s in your tackle box, I think I will pick up a couple of those options as well. Wish me luck!

    1. Hi Travis,

      Thanks for taking the time and leaving a comment and this review was not a problem at all. All the best on your fishing adventures and feel free to contact me whenever you need help!

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