What are the best saltwater fishing lures?

When it comes to using saltwater fishing lures there is a variety of options on the market to choose from. But to say which one is the best. Just like bait fishing this will depend on the species your targeting and the location you’re fishing in.

A number of different lures serve a particular purpose also. For instance some lures are designed to be buoyant and help target the top water column. While others are designed to sink straight to the bottom and skip along the sea bed.

Each lure is designed for a specific purpose but these can be categorised into a few major groups. To help you decide which saltwater fishing lure is right for you I’ve put a list together down below.


Soft Plastic Lures

These lures have a very realistic, almost life like action about them. A range of different soft plastics can be found which mimic a variety of different species the fish are feeding on. From injured bait fish to grubs and sand worms there’s a soft plastic lure ready to be used.

One thing in particular I like about soft plastics is using different weighted jig heads. With the same size hook I can option for a heavier jig head for more stronger currents or lighter weights when the conditions are calmer.

If targeting a particular species research on the type of bait they would be feeding on. For example if you’re planning to catch Snapper, soft plastics which mimic injured pilchards, squid or sand worms have done very well for me from past experiences.

At the end of the day it’s all about trial and error and you’ll have a very big range of soft plastics to choose from in your arsenal.


Hard Body Lures

Often made from hard plastics these lures can be used in a range of different situations from retrieving them off piers or trolling them on a boat for game fish.

A ton of different sizes and designs are available on the market and the options appear endless. A word of advice to help you determine what’s the right hard body lure to use.

Research on the type of fish you’re targeting and see what they’re naturally feeding on. Find out what bait actually lives in the waters you’re fishing in.

If you nail these factors then you won’t have any trouble catching the fish that’s swimming in those waters.


Surface Lures

As the name suggests surface lures are purpose built to target the top water column. These lures come in various sizes and can mimic a variety of injured bait fish from Pilchards, White bait and minnows.

On the retrieve surface lures are very buoyant and often dip up and down along the top. This creates an injured bait fish type of action and when seen by fish they often strike at this action very suddenly.


Squid Jigs

These jigs are purpose built for squid fishing and come in a variety of sink rates, colours and sizes. Designed to mimic prawns with sharp barbs at the tail end and at times along the back.

Squid fishing as with any type of lure fishing has to do with the action in the water. Lighter rod and reel setups do very well which enable anglers to mimic a jerking prawn.


Blades and Vibes

Both work in similar patterns and come in various sizes. Blades and vibes have a very distinct action about them. On the retrieve these lures almost appear to be vibrating in the water due to it’s narrow design.

Some vibes also have in built rattles to create a lot of noise in the water to get the attention of fish. As these lures do sink but are designed to be fished within the middle water column. Various retrieves should be experimented with while using these lures until you find what works best for you.


Metal Lures

Some of the most heavy duty lures and often the most reflective. As with other lures metal lures come in a variety of sizes both in terms of weight and dimensions.

I love these lures while surf fishing for Australian salmon during the colder months. These lures act as bait fish and you’ll find they are very reflective in clear waters and get a lot of attention.

When fishing for salmon often you’ll find the salmon come and smash these lures very suddenly. As they would naturally herd bait fish closer to the sand which makes them easier to catch.

Metal lures I find also make good grips when handling fish. Once the fish is landed you can quite easily pick the fish up from the lure itself. Generally, you’ll find these lures are very durable and worth the investment.


Final Word

Often with these lures when purchased they come with treble hooks. This can be devastating when it comes to fishing as they can really mess up a fishes face and reduce the survival rate if catching and releasing.

Please consider changing out treble hooks and optioning to use single lure hooks.

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