What are the best freshwater fishing lures?

Freshwater fishing similar to saltwater fishing involves the same thinking behind selecting the right lure. To answer what’s the best freshwater fishing lure? we have to look at several different factors.

For one, we have to consider what type of fish we’re targeting. Trout, bass or barramundi. All these fish will take different lures. We also have to consider the location we’re fishing in and the type of bait that naturally inhabit those waters.

When selecting the right lure if you get these two factors right then you won’t have any trouble catching fish if they’re there.

  1. Research the type of fish your targeting and what they feed on.
  2. Research the type of bait that naturally inhabit those waters.

As a guide, we’ve come up with a list down below which most freshwater fishing lures can be categorized as.


Soft Plastic Worms and Grubs

Since first introduced into the market soft plastics have advanced rapidly and almost have become very lifelike. Head on over to your local tackle shop next time and have a look at the grubs you’ll know what I mean.

When it comes to using soft plastics for freshwater fishing it’s best to use ones that imitate a prey the fish are already hunting for. Minnow’s and grubs in freshwater can do very well.

Several different techniques can be used while fishing. Fast rapid retrieves with minnows with sudden stops can imitate an injured fish. The complete opposite, a slow retrieve along the bottom for grubs can tempt almost any fish. A lot of trial and error will be needed to find the perfect action that works best.



Fly lures are specifically designed for fly fishing which involves several casts with a fly rod and reel combo. Fly lures often sit on the water surface and are very light weight.

As the name suggests these lures imitate a fly landing on the water surface or any other flying critter. These lures come in a range of sizes and colours and are found in almost every tackle shop or online.

When it comes to fishing with fly lures Trout or salmon are the best-targeted fish in rivers and streams.



Quite easily found in any tackle shop or online and comes in an abundance of striking colours. But a few common things we may notice with Crank-baits is the bill at the front of the lure. This bill helps the lure dive deep into the water column head first as you retrieve it.

The longer or shorter bill on the lure will determine how deep the lure dives. As with most lures a very simple method is to cast long and retrieve through potential strike zones where fish might be hiding. This could be around banks and structures. Often these lures are commonly used for Bass fishing.



A very flashy and unnatural looking lure often used for shallow freshwater fishing though can be used in deeper waters. These lures unlike most can be great when it comes to heavy cover. Often tangle free around weeds and structure.

What makes Spinner baits effective is that they try to get a lot of attention. By creating vibrations in the water from single or multiple reflective spoons. Skirts (feathers) hiding the treble hook as added features all help this lure get spotted by bass or any other freshwater fish.



One of the simplest and oldest lures to ever been made. Spoon lures have a very unique action in the water. Similar to vibes and blades, spoon lures have a very rapid movement while on the retrieve which creates a lot of action.

Paired up with its shiny reflective body it’s one lure that’s hard. If targeting a specific spot best to cast over the area and retrieve through the strike zone as you would with any other lure.

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